Monday, April 04, 2016

Surprising Zoey!

Back in November we surprised Zoey with a trip to Disney World!  We started planning it back in February.  It was hard and fun at the same time to keep the secret from her.  There was times when I wanted to tell her so we could do a countdown, but then I knew I wanted that element of surprise when we told her.

As soon as we decided we were going last year, I started working on her autograph book for meeting the characters.  Thankfully we do not use our dining room that much nor does she go in there because that came my station of mess for creating the book! I got the book done with a week to spare. :)  That's pretty good for me!  My sister helped me embellish it once I had all the character cut out and put together.

We left Sunday morning early to head to the airport.  Our flight left around 10:30 am from Memphis.  We got up early and told Zoey we were heading to get donuts.  Thankfully she cannot read yet! :)  She had no idea what her shirt said.  After getting donuts, she realized, hey wait a second.  We are not headed back to the house, she started asking to go back home. So we told her where we going instead.  I was hoping we might could get to the airport before we told her, but she wanted to go home.  I got it all on video! I love my sweet girl!

Zoey learning we are going to Disney World!

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