Monday, July 28, 2014

Father/Daughter Ball 2014

In June, Brian took Zoey to the Father/Daughter Ball.  This was their first year to go.  They went with 2 other father/daughter couples from church who are roughly the same age as Zoey.  The girls, Zoey, Claire, and Wesley, are in Bible class together so they know each other well.  I knew this would be fun for her to play with her friends.  I do believe they both had a blast! 

The week before the Ball she kept talking about it and was dying to go.  We had to show her about every day on the calendar what day it was today and how many more days till the Ball.  She would say she is Cinderella, Daddy is Prince Charming, and I was a horse. Finally by the time the day arrive, I become the Fairy Godmother.  I got her dressed and she LOVED her dress! Brian actually picked it out for her; he is the BEST!  She never really has twirled in dresses until this one.  I got a few videos of her after she got dressed. I know overload, but she is so CUTE in them!

I tried to get a good picture of the two of them, but Zoey wouldn’t look at me.

Zoey & Daddy Before FatherDaughter Ball8

Zoey & Daddy Before FatherDaughter Ball14

Several of the princesses were there.  In true Zoey fashion, it took her a bit to warm up to everything.  Brian took a few pictures and sent them to me through out the night.  Oh, did I mention, mothers are not allowed in the building at all during the night.  I find that sweet they want to make it all about the Daddy’s and their girls. 

Meeting Belle, you can tell this is at the beginning and Zoey is not warmed up yet.

Dancing with Claire and Wesley.

Brian said she walked up to Elsa on her own. She was very excited about seeing her! I know it doesn't look like it but she was.
The formal picture, a picture of it.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Tie Dying.

A few weekends ago, Brian and I got the idea to do some tie-dyed shirts with Zoey.  Since it was a pretty day, we did them outside. 

She wasn’t into it at first, but of course by the time we were just about done, she wanted to do more!  I had forgotten how to do them and how long they take to really dry. 

Zoey LOVES her shirts.  The first week we did them, she wore one EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I had to wash them in the middle of the week due to she had to sleep in them and wear them during the day.  She is pretty cute in them!

Zoey Eating Cookie3Zoey Tie Dying Shirts19Zoey Tie Dying ShirtsZoey Tie Dying Shirts2Zoey Tie Dying Shirts3Zoey Tie Dying Shirts7Zoey Tie Dying Shirts8Zoey Tie Dying Shirts9Zoey Tie Dying Shirts11Zoey Tie Dying Shirts13Zoey Tie Dying Shirts16Zoey Tie Dying Shirts17Purple ShirtsZoey Tie Dying Shirts18Tie Dyed Shirts

Blue Tie Dyed Shirt2 Multi-Color Tie Dyed Shirt3Purple Tie Dyed ShirtYellow Tie Dyed ShirtZoey in Pink Tie Dyed Shirt4

Monday, June 23, 2014

Zoey the filmmaker.

The other night Zoey wanted our small point and shoot camera I was making Brian take to the Father/Daughter Ball (more on that later!) so I gave it to her.  The next day, I was looking at the pictures Brian took and came across a few videos and pictures Zoey took.  She managed to figure out how to turn it on and use it. 

Monday, June 09, 2014

Zoey update; 2.5 years

My sweet baby will be 2.5 soon!  She is so much fun!  She is talking up a storm and learning new things all the time.  It’s nice to be able to really communicate with her and not have to always guess what she is trying to say.  She can sing her ABCs, count to 20, sings just about any of her favorite songs by memory (boy does she have a great memory!), act out scenes from Frozen, and much more!  She has finally grasped the concept of saying “Please” and “Thank You”.  It’s hard to say no (even when she doesn’t need what she is asking for) to her when she says “please”. 

The beginning of the year we bit the bullet and cut down on paci time.  I was really dreading this and just knew it would be a nightmare.  Zoey surprised us; she did really good.  We cut it down to just naptime and bedtime.  She has done great with this.  I am dreading when we take it away completely. But we did learn last week, that she had gone that week without for nap.  Brian had forgotten to put on in her bag all week. 

It’s fascinating to watch her pretend play.  She doesn’t like to play much on her own when we are around; we always have to be playing with her.  While this is sweet, it’s also frustrating at times when you are by yourself with her and cannot get things done.  I would have thought that after all day of playing with other kids, she would want to play alone, but not her.  Sometimes listening to her play, makes me worry that we get on to her too much. :) She gets on to her toys (she loves little figurines and My Little Pony right now) and puts them in timeout or what not. 

One of her favorite scenes to act out from Frozen is when Anna is knocking on Elsa’s door asking “Do you want to build a snowman?”  Typically I am Anna and she is Elsa. Brian is either Kristof or Sven (the reindeer) and Sunni is Olaf!  I just love how her imagination works!  It makes me so happy to see her having a good one!  She also loves acting out the scene when Anna goes to wake up Elsa in the beginning to play.  “The sky is awake, so I’m awake, so I must PLAY” all while laying on you just like the movie. :)

A couple of weeks we took Zoey to her first fair.  I’m not a fan of fair rides, but Brian loves them!  Looks like Zoey loves them too!  She was laughing the whole time while on the teacups.

She loves to build caves/tents these days.  On weekends she has been either sleeping in her bed as a cave (a quilt over half most of it) or one Sunday afternoon, we got brave and let her sleep in the tent (card table with quilts) in her room.  She didn’t stay in it for when I went to go check on her, she was asleep right in front of her door.  Good practice for when she will sleep on a nap mat at Mrs. Hudson’s. 

She also loves pretending she is scared or the “snow monster”/”dragon”/”monster” is coming to get her.  We have to drive into our caves (either the tent or pull blankets over our heads) to escape it.  One day we were playing and she rolls over to me and puts her arms around me and says “I’ll protect you Mommy.”  Typically she will run to us and jump in our arms to be “protected”.  It was a sweet moment when she did that to me.

I really think this age is one of my favorites.  She is able to communicate with us and has an imagination. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Inner Geek

Brian and I watch the show King of the Nerds on TBS.  It’s the only reality TV show I will watch.  Our favorite from this season was Mary Kate.  Sadly she got kicked off pretty quickly.  We got a surprise and a treat at the Craft Brew Festival when Brian spotted Mary Kate!  We had no idea she was from Mississippi, much less a grad student at State.  We totally geeked out and talked to her!  Not only were we thrilled, I think we made her feel great too by recognizing her.  She was so sweet and let us talk her ear off and ask all types of questions about the show.