Monday, April 04, 2016

March Reading Challenge

Wow!  March flew by it seems.  For March, the topic was a book you have been meaning to read.  This could have been anything in my bookshelf really. I have so many books that I have purchased over the years and have not gotten to.  I choose the American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld.   I have read Sittenfeld's other book, Prep, years ago so I was familiar with her writing style of basing events off true findings.  I bought this shortly after it was published in 2008. Like so many other books, it has been sitting on my bookshelf since then.  I knew it was loosely based on the life of Laura Bush.  While this was fiction, it fits nicely into my currently favorite genera of biographies and autobiographies.  I enjoyed this greatly and want to read Laura Bush's biography now, to see which parts are true and which are not.  I did do some googling about her as I read the book when I got to parts I was really curious about.  If you enjoy fiction that is based on truth events or even just curious about Laura Bush, it's a great read that will make you want to read the non-fiction version to see what is truth or not!

February Reading Challenge

I'll be honest, I did not think I was going be able to complete this month's topic.  February's topic was a book you can finish in a day.  I waited till the last day; bad I know, but I thought I'll just pull out one of my old Ramona books or Super Fudge, but then I stumbled upon a book that was the February book in Barnes & Noble Serial Read series (part of a book each day is released for free for you to read).  I started reading it and got sucked in QUICKLY.  The book was Little Lost Girl by Brian McGilloway.  This was a thriller that had me captivated from the first chapter.  Of course it is part of a series; which means I'll have to add the rest to my list of books to read.  I was happy I was able to find a book that was not a children's book; I really thought I was going to have to choose one for this month.  

January Reading Challenge Book

I mention which book I read for January in the post where I shared I was doing a month by month reading challenge for the year, but I wanted to share each book in it's own post.

January challenge was a book published before you were born.  I choose The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.  This book has been on my to read list for years.  I would never make the time for it, so this was perfect time for me to finally tackle it.  I love anything written by C.S. Lewis, he puts things into suck a perspective that you can see how it can relate to your.  If you have no read The Screwtape Letters, it is a satirical on how Satan tries to temp us and lead us astray from God.  When you stop to think about how in our everyday life Satan is using the little things to lead us away from God, it will hit home while reading it.  

I choose this book not only for it fitting the topic and for being on my list for so long, but due to it was something I was struggling with and was working on.  Trying to be closer to God and be more positive and less negative in my daily life.  I started late in the month reading it, but I did complete it on time!  Even if it meant I stayed up later than normal on January 31st.  

Surprising Zoey!

Back in November we surprised Zoey with a trip to Disney World!  We started planning it back in February.  It was hard and fun at the same time to keep the secret from her.  There was times when I wanted to tell her so we could do a countdown, but then I knew I wanted that element of surprise when we told her.

As soon as we decided we were going last year, I started working on her autograph book for meeting the characters.  Thankfully we do not use our dining room that much nor does she go in there because that came my station of mess for creating the book! I got the book done with a week to spare. :)  That's pretty good for me!  My sister helped me embellish it once I had all the character cut out and put together.

We left Sunday morning early to head to the airport.  Our flight left around 10:30 am from Memphis.  We got up early and told Zoey we were heading to get donuts.  Thankfully she cannot read yet! :)  She had no idea what her shirt said.  After getting donuts, she realized, hey wait a second.  We are not headed back to the house, she started asking to go back home. So we told her where we going instead.  I was hoping we might could get to the airport before we told her, but she wanted to go home.  I got it all on video! I love my sweet girl!

Zoey learning we are going to Disney World!

Changes are happening

The beginning of the year, I stated I wanted to make changes in my personal life.  I was working toward becoming a more positive person, I want to drop the negative influences in my life, focus on my family, and spend more time studying the Bible.

I have been making good progress with most of the above.  There were a few weeks during February that was a struggle for me at work to stay positive, but I recognized it and worked harder. Little did I know when I said I wanted to change, that a huge change would happen the end of February.

After 11 and a half years at FNC, I accepted a new position with a new company!  It all just sort of landed in my lap and was an offer I could not refuse.  I never thought I would leave FNC, granted it has been on my mind more lately due to the potential sale of the company, and it was a hard decision.  I was given an opportunity to help start business intelligence for a company, right next door to FNC too!  Leaving all my friends and coworkers was very bittersweet, but exciting at the same time.

Surprisingly it was rather easy to make the decision to leave once I got over the initial shock of being offered it.  Yes, it was hard to do, but I knew it was the right decision.  I am starting my fourth week at Next Gear Solutions this week.  It has been different getting to know the products, the people, and culture.  Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful!

I hope things continue to go well and I can quickly learn the ropes and systems!