Monday, April 20, 2015

Snow Day 2015

All Winter Zoey talked about snow and how she wanted a snow day, to make snow angel, build a snowman, etc.  We would always explain to her that we would have to wait and see if it snowed and how it might not snow. 

The end of February we were forecasted to get 5-6 inches of snow.  I had major doubts.  Good thing I was wrong!  Zoey was so excited about the snow!  She couldn’t wait to get out in it and play.  I was able to hold her off until it had accumulated several inches.

Zoey watching it snow & excited3

Watching it snow!

Zoey watching it snow & excited

SUPER excited it is SNOWING!!

Zoey & Daddy walking4

Zoey and Daddy walking in the snow.  She played in out in the snow for hours.  We had to beg her to come in.

Zoey playing in the snow12

Zoey and her snowman.  She got her Daddy to help build one.

Zoey playing in the snow19

Zoey playing in the snow28

Zoey playing in the snow30

Running in the snow.

Zoey running in the snow

House at night12


Saturday, April 18, 2015

First Hair Cut

After putting it off for as long as I could, Zoey got her first hair cut in January.  I was so afraid that if I had her hair trimmed, the curls would fall out.  We have been lucky that her hair has grown fast and even!  I made it three years before I got it trimmed.  I was a little nervous how she would do and was afraid she would cry or throw a fit.  She did AWESOME!  We went to Phipps Salon, B and I both go there, where Melissa cut her hair.  Bragging moment.  Everyone there was so impressed with how well she behaved and sat/stood still. Typically three year olds do not do as well.  Her hair was so long, Melissa had her stand instead of sit in the chair to trim it.  When it’s wet and brushed out it’s almost down to her waist.

Zoey's First Hair Cut


Zoey's First Hair Cut4Zoey's First Hair Cut6Zoey's First Hair Cut8Zoey's First Hair Cut10Zoey's First Hair Cut14Zoey's First Hair Cut23Zoey's First Hair Cut25


Zoey's First Hair Cut35

4D Farms

We headed back to 4D Farms again during the Fall.  We took the nieces with us again.  Zoey took a LONG time to warm up this year.  She got freak out by a blow up pumpkin.  It was really windy that day and she was afraid it was coming for her.  After she got used to it, she had a blast! 

10-06-2014 20210-06-2014 20910-06-2014 21010-06-2014 21410-06-2014 22010-06-2014 22210-06-2014 22410-06-2014 22910-06-2014 23410-06-2014 23610-06-2014 23810-06-2014 25310-06-2014 258The Girls @ Pumpkin Patch

Caldonia Farms

Oops, got a little out of order!  I forgot we went to two farms/pumpkin patches this year!  We went to Caldonia Farms with Dennis and Nona one weekend while we were in Aberdeen.  The farm is just outside of Columbus.  I had never been, Dennis and Nona took Zoey last year when she was with them one weekend.  It is a beautiful place.  So much for the little ones to do and incredible section of different pumpkins, gourds, mums, and more!

10-26-2014 03310-26-2014 04210-26-2014 04410-26-2014 05110-26-2014 05210-26-2014 06510-26-2014 07310-26-2014 075Zoey being measured2Zoey playing ring toss2Zoey running through the pumpkins5Zoey running through the pumpkins6

Christmas 2014

We had a wonderful, busy Christmas season!  I’ll leave you with highlights and pictures!

We went back to Worthey Tree farm to get our Christmas tree.  This year we went early and picked it out for later pick up.  The Wests went with us.

Our Christmas Tree

Our tree.

Zoey running through the Christmas trees8Zoey running through the Christmas trees11

Zoey running through the trees.
Zoey, Daddy, & Mommy @ the Christmas Tree farm6

Family picture.

Zoey seeing her doll bed3

Nona gave Zoey her doll baby crib that was hers when she was little.  How cool is that!? They found it at Grandmother’s one weekend.

Zoey decorating Christmas cookies6Zoey decorating Christmas cookies11

We decorated Christmas cookies for Santa!  This is one of my favorite traditions we have.  I remember doing the same thing when I was a kid and I LOVE that I get to share this with Zoey.

Zoey opening her Christmas Eve gift

Opening her Christmas Eve gift from Mommy & Daddy; new Christmas PJs.

Zoey passed out after a long day on Christmas Eve

After a long fun day, she passed out on the couch.  Her and Daddy had a date before during the day to finish up Christmas shopping and to give me time to finish up a few last minute things.

Zoey coming in to see what Santa left4

Seeing what Santa left!

Zoey opening up Santa gifts3

Oh my!  She looks so grown here!

Zoey opening up Santa gifts6Zoey opening up Santa gifts11

I love how crazy Zoey’s hair is in the mornings!  But oh the tangles!!!

Zoey standing in front of tree2

Looking a little crazy eyed! :)

Zoey & Daddy as the Pink Bunny

It wouldn’t be a Herndon Christmas without the traditional pink bunny suit picture!!