Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Angel

I am so out of order on posting but it's ok.  This past weekend we went to my parents house. We left early Friday to avoid the ice on the roads that we feared was coming. As we got close to their house, it started to have snow dusting the ground. Zoey got so excited! She started on wanting to make snow angels and build a snowman. We told her there might not be enoughy for that but we would see when we got there.  

There was enough for her to get down in the driveway to do a snow angel! The cutest happiest little snow angel ever.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Halloween 2014

The Halloween season this year was a busy one!  We had 4 different Halloween parties to attend.  I almost forgot about a couple of them until I was looking at the pictures when I finally uploaded them from the camera.

This year, Zoey decided to be Tinkerbell.  She started talking about this back in July or so; so when I found the costume on sale, I snagged it then.  We did almost have to change it to Princess Aurora, but we showed her the Tinkerbell costume and she was excited again to be Tinkerbell. 

Zoey dressed up as Tinkerbell4

Zoey and Brian carved their pumpkins again this year.  She was more into it this year, but still thought the “guts” were gross.

Zoey & Daddy carving pumpkinZoey & Daddy carving pumpkin2Zoey & Daddy carving pumpkin3Zoey & Daddy carving pumpkin4Zoey & Daddy carving pumpkin13Zoey & Daddy posing with pumpkin

Zoey took this one herself of her bear and pumpkin

Zoey Camera 194

We started out the holiday by a party at Gage’s.  Carol out did herself on the decorations, food, and games for the kids!  I do not have many pictures from this one just due to following and keeping up with Zoey. 

Zoey Camera 124Zoey Camera 128Zoey Camera 144Zoey Camera 147Zoey Camera 151Zoey Camera 155Zoey Camera 160

We then had a Trunk or Treat after services one Sunday night.  She RACKED up on the candy; she did not need anymore after this for the reason of the holiday. 

Zoey Camera 166Zoey Camera 169Zoey Camera 173

I have ZERO pictures from the FNC Trick or Treat.  Zoey was not having it at all.  All the blowups in the office scared her and she would not leave the front lobby.  I still enjoy brining her up to the office for this, but this year was not as fun.  Maybe next year she will not be as scared of everything. 

On Halloween Night, we had a party in the neighborhood.  It wasn’t really a “neighborhood” party, but friends who live in the neighborhood hosted for all the kids and we had a hay ride around the neighborhood.  Boy was it COLD that night!  We did not make it halfway around the neighborhood before we turned around.  It was a mass chaos the whole night. Once again, I do not have pictures from the night. 

Playing catch up.

I am so far behind in blogging, but still want to share all our fun and milestones with everyone.  So be prepared!  Lots of posts are in the works and headed your way!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Zoey’s Room

For the past few months (really almost a year now if you count when I first mentioned to B that I wanted to take the side off Zoey’s crib), I have been talking about and working on Zoey’s new room.  Her “big” girl room.  Late this summer I finally got going. We cleaned out the spare bedroom and got it painted. 

After getting the walls painted, I decided I did not like the original bedding I had ordered from Pottery Barn Kids.  It just didn’t go with the light purple Zoey and I picked out for her room.  Back to square one.  I finally decided on white and grey for the bedding.  I already had a white duvet cover and a down duvet, so I got a grey bedspread and pillow shams to go with it. 

We were lucky enough to have a bedroom suite of B’s great grandmother’s given to us for Zoey.  It was in need of a some work.  I decided to paint it white and distress it.  I was a littler nervous about the process; it would be my first BIG painting project.  I am now taking a break from painting furniture; I’m worn out. I am very pleased with the end result and she can grow with it for years to go.  Sure she doesn’t need the vanity now, but she will love it when she gets older.  I loved mine when I was younger.

We have been keeping it a surprise for her.  Zoey knows about her new room and that it will be purple, but I wanted to wait until it was completed before showing her.  This past weekend, she went to my parents and we got it ready!  I am so happy with it and would love to spend all my time in there.  I hope she loves it!

ZoeyRoom 001

We saw the lights in a movie over a little girl’s bed and thought it was a nice touch.  Also Zoey has mentioned lately she is scared of the dark, so we thought this might be a pretty way to do a night light for her.

Bedding: White duvet; one I already had.  Grey quilt and shams; Kohl’s.
Throw pillow: Kohl’s
Rug: Pottery Barn Kids
Curtains: Pottery Barn Kids
Furniture: B’s great grandmother Murff’s.  Painted white with Annie Sloan Pure White chalk paint, clear wax, lightly distressed.

ZoeyRoom 002

View from the corner.  (Now on that wall is the three fairy godmothers picture that is was in her nursery.)  The purple pieces on the vanity are pieces of purple Fenton Glass I had when I was younger.  I completely forgot about these pieces until I was going through the box of birthday dolls to get the 2 out.  It was perfect touch; even if B did make fun of the fact I had them to match.

Rug: Pottery Barn Kids
Curtains: Pottery Barn Kids
Furniture: B’s great grandmother Murff’s.  Painted white with Annie Sloan Pure White chalk paint, clear wax, lightly distressed.

ZoeyRoom 004

This room is a tad bigger than her nursery. I was happy to see that the house bookshelf would fit between the closets.  I still have to paint the pink part grey.  I did not do that due to I was not a 100% sure if I would be putting this piece back in her room.  You cannot see well, but on the nightstand there is a purple mason jar with flowers and a few other pieces of purple Fenton Glass.

Bookshelf: Given to me by my sister.  It was my youngest nieces. 
Mirrored picture frame on wall: TJ Maxx
Nightstand: repurposed one we had.

ZoeyRoom 005

When I made the bed up Saturday, I wanted to climb in and take a nap.  It’s so cozy looking!  I made the ribbon mobile to hang over the bed.  I won’t mind so much now when Zoey wants me to lay down with her.  This will beat laying in the floor next to the crib!

ZoeyRoom 006

The chest of drawers.  Currently on top is her birthday dolls, passed down from me, a piece of Fenton glass, a picture of B and Krista when they were younger, and the monitor.  I have one of me and my sister coming to put on there as well. I’m not quite ready to give up the monitor yet.  It comes in handy with her being upstairs while we are downstairs.

ZoeyRoom 007

Another view of the bed.  At the foot of her bed is the toy chest her great uncle Steve made for her when she was born.  I finally got around to finishing it as well. Hopefully she will keep her toys in it and her closets!  I did not realize how much more room the closets in this room had. 

Tonight when she comes home she will see it for the first time.  I cannot wait to see her reaction to it! I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Zoey has started taking gymnastics once a week.  It’s a child/parent class.  I am there to help her do the activities when she needs it.  Today will be her fourth class.  She is really starting to enjoy it!  The first two weeks were good, but she was still a little unsure. She does really well during the stretches; still needs to calm down a bit; she gets so excited.  Last week was an improvement; she walked across the high beam instead of walking on the mats under it. 

It is fun to see her improve each week.  She is getting better about waiting her turn at each station and trying it.  There are a few she still won’t really do yet, but hey, it’s only been three weeks.  It’s hard to get pictures while she is doing the stations since it’s just me with her.  Hopefully one week I can (if she will let him) get Brian to come with us to take some pictures of her. 

Best picture I could get.  She wouldn’t look up at me.

Doing our stretches.