Monday, March 24, 2014

Slew of projects to come.

Sunday, while we were at Dennis and Nona’s, we got to go look through Nona’s family house.  Her uncle had been living there for years, but he can no longer take care of himself.  It’s heart breaking to see how he was living and then to see such a beautiful house in such a shape.   Dennis and Brian went while I had fallen asleep with Zoey (sweet to actually get to cuddle with my girl for once!) and brought back 2 chairs for Zoey’s table.  Once I found out where they had been I wanted to go back.  Now that I have found a new found love for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I am going to be even more busier!  Note: A post about my new obsession coming soon!
Two chairs for Zoey’s table Mer gave us.  There are two more, we just didn’t have room for them due to we were in Brian’s car.  I have been wanting a kid table for Zoey and a friend gave us one for me to paint.  I had started looking at chairs Saturday for it, but hadn’t ordered any yet.  Good thing I didn’t since we found these! 
Nona wanted Dennis to get all the sliver out when we went back the second time.  She and I went through it and she gave me this set!  I LOVE IT.  I will be working my arm muscles getting it polished.  It is going to be beautiful when I’m done.  I was trying not to be over excited by this!
I found these beauties laying around.  A iron pot and a iron chicken fryer!  I know, who actually  makes home made fried chicken these days, but still it will be great for other things. 
Either baby spoons or medicine spoons.  I got to take them with me.
Have you ever seen a spoon with a fly on it?  Fly in my soup spoon!  Brian wanted this.  I think it’ silver too due to the tarnish on it.  I hope I can clean it up.  Crazy.
We took pictures of several other pieces we want so we can check with Krista, Brian’s sister, to see if she wants any of it.  She said she doesn’t, so I’m pumped!  There is a bedroom suite I want for Zoey.  I wasn’t going to do one for her yet, but this is a pretty one.  I hope it’s manageable and usable once we get it out of the house.  Looks like several before and after projects are in my future!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

2 year pictures

cannot believe how grown up my baby looks in her two year old pictures! Cindy did an amazing job as always. Here are a few previews from the sessions this weekend. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zoey's first movie

A few weeks ago we took Zoey to see her first movie, Frozen. This was a great movie and perfect for her first experience. She sat still the entire movie. She loved the popcorn and anytime she sees previews for the movie she tells us about the movie and eating popcorn. 


I can't wait for many more movies with my girl! I think her Daddy might take her back to see it next weekend while I'm on my girls' trip.

Snow day

Yesterday was a "snow" day. We hardly got any snow on the ground but it was great to get to stay in and have fun with Zoey.  She must have known it was a snow day since she slept in till about 8:30.

This is all the snow we got. :( Not even enough to get out in.

Compared to the almost 5inches my parents got!!

On snow days you get to eat popcorn for breakfast. Ever since we took Zoey to see Frozen, she has a new found love for popcorn.

We played kitchen for most of the morning.

Then we moved on the play-doh.

We did a little sewing.

While I cooked supper, Zoey "baked" goodies for us. I am getting better about letting her make messes like this.

We ended the day with us introducing Zoey to Return of the Jedi!

Friday, January 31, 2014

I can sew too!

It's fun to watch (scary at the same time) Zoey try and mimic what we are doing. She picks up on things so quickly and does a great job attempting to do it herself. A couple of weeks ago I was sewing (aka appliquéing) a few shirts for her. She now likes to sit in my lap and watch me the machine work. I'll let her hit the start button when it's time. I was done for the day and she climbed up and started "sewing".

For those who don't know much about an embroidery machine, it's has a touch screen where you design and what not.  That's what she is doing when she is touching the black section.