Monday, April 04, 2016

February Reading Challenge

I'll be honest, I did not think I was going be able to complete this month's topic.  February's topic was a book you can finish in a day.  I waited till the last day; bad I know, but I thought I'll just pull out one of my old Ramona books or Super Fudge, but then I stumbled upon a book that was the February book in Barnes & Noble Serial Read series (part of a book each day is released for free for you to read).  I started reading it and got sucked in QUICKLY.  The book was Little Lost Girl by Brian McGilloway.  This was a thriller that had me captivated from the first chapter.  Of course it is part of a series; which means I'll have to add the rest to my list of books to read.  I was happy I was able to find a book that was not a children's book; I really thought I was going to have to choose one for this month.  

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